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Peer-reviewed publications

Bakker, J., Price, J., Henning, J.A., Batzer, E.E., Ohlert, T.J., Wainwright, C.E., … Catford, J.A., … Wardle, G. (in press) Compositional variation in grassland plant communities. Ecopshere.

Bartlett, A.C., Blackburn, T.M., Randall, R. & Catford, J.A. (2023) Characteristics of Australia’s alien flora vary with invasion stage. Global Ecology and Biogeographylink (open access

Catford, J.A., Wilson, J.R.U., Pyšek, P., Hulme, P.E. & Duncan, R.P. (2022) Addressing context dependence in ecology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 37: 158-170. link (open access) pdf SI

Daleo, P., Alberti, J., Chaneton, E. J., Iribarne, O., Tognetti, P. M., Bakker, J. D., … Catford, J.A., … Hautier, Y. (2023) Environmental heterogeneity modulates the effect of biodiversity on the spatial variability of grassland biomass. Nature Communications 14: 1809. link (open access)

Latombe G., Catford J.A., Essl F., Lenzner B., Richardson D.M., Wilson J.R.U. & McGeoch, M.A. (2022) GIRAE: a Generalised approach for linking the total Impact of invasion to species’ Range, Abundance and per-unit Effects. Biological Invasions.

Mabey, A.L., Rius, M., Smale, D.A. & Catford, J.A. (in press) The use of species traits in invasive seaweed research: A systematic review. NeoBiota.

Palma, E., Vesk, P.A. & Catford, J.A. (2022) Building trait datasets: effect of methodological choice on a study of invasion. Oecologia. link (open access)

Novoa, A., Moodley, D., Catford, J.A., Golivets, M., Bufford, J., Essl, F., Lenzner, B., Pattison, Z. & Pyšek, P. (2021) Global costs of plant invasions must not be underestimated. NeoBiota69: 75-78. link (open access)


*Turbelin, A.J., *Hudgins, E.J., Catford, J.A., Cuthbert, R.N., Diagne, C., Kourantidou, M., Roiz, D. & Courchamp, F. (2023) Biological invasions as burdens to primary economic sectors. Research Square. link (open access preprint)

Catford J.A., Shepherd H.E.R., Tennant P. & Tilman D. (2022) Interplay of limiting factors explains context dependence in plant invasions. Authorealink (open access)

Other contributions

Pérez-Navarro, M.A. & Brian, J.I. (2022) Invasive species: the critical yet complex group driving biodiversity loss. Uniting to address climate change around the world series, King’s College London website. link

UK Parliament POST (2022) Invasive non-native species. POSTNOTE No 673. (Catford as contributor & reviewer). link

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