Core research team

Dr Jane Catford, Principal Investigator

Jane is a plant community ecologist with interests in biological invasions, community assembly, biodiversity and global environmental change. She leads the AlienImpacts project and team. Email: jane.catford[at]

Dr Josh Brian, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Josh has interests in community ecology, symbiosis and invasion biology. In his role in AlienImpacts, Josh is primarily focusing on enemy release and will use grassland experiments to tackle these and related questions. Email: joshua.brian[at]

Dr María Ángeles Pérez-Navarro, Postdoctoral Research Associate

María Ángeles is an ecologist and biogeographer interested in species distribution changes under global change. As part of AlienImpacts, María is examining whether, how and why native and alien plants differ in their demography and traits. Email: maria_angeles.perez-navarro[at]

Harry Shepherd, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Harry is a community ecologist with interests in species coexistence, plant-soil feedbacks and environmental change. In his role in AlienImpacts, he will build mechanistic models that predict the outcomes of invasion on plant community diversity with a focus on temperate grasslands. Email: harry.shepherd[at]

Key collaborators involved in AlienImpacts

Elizabeth Borer, University of Minnesota

Yvonne Buckley, Trinity College Dublin

James Bullock, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Adam Clark, University of Graz

Laura Graham, University of Birmingham

Petr Pyšek, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

Rob Salguero-Gómez, University of Oxford

Eric Seabloom, University of Minnesota

David Tilman, University of Minnesota

Matt White, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research

Mark van Kleunen, University of Konstanz

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